The purpose of the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is to support the education of youth enrolled at the Chesapeake Math & IT Academy North Middle School by promoting effective communication between administrators, staff, students and their families; fostering meaningful engagement of parents in their students’ education; supporting effective instructional programs and adjunct educational activities hosted by staff; and cultivating community engagement to enrich the educational goals for the student body.

The CMIT North Middle School PTO will work with key stakeholders and others committed to supporting the student body to enhance the quality of education and social engagement for all scholars, and shall seek participation in the decision‐making process to establish policy and procedures to promote a quality effective educational and social environment, recognizing that the legal responsibility to make decisions has been delegated by the officials of the state, county, local and school administrative boards of education and the respective departments with such legal authority.

PTO Foundational Documents


President – Irma Kittrell: president_nmspto@cmitacademy.org

Vice President – Senika Romulus: vicepresident_nmspto@cmitacademy.org

Treasurer – Al Osifade: treasurer_nmspto@cmitacademy.org

Corresponding Secretary – Nefretete Smith: correspondingsec_nmspto@cmitacademy.org

Parliamentarian – Shellon Holloway: parliamentarian_nmspto@cmitacademy.org

CMIT Academy North Middle Teacher Representative – Justin Field – justin.field@pgcps.org 

Principal of CMIT Academy North Middle – Andrew Brauer – andrew.brauer@pgcps.org 

Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation Liaison – Leonard A. Upson